Sustainable Beauty will

save the World

Sustainable Beauty will

save the world

The Urban Vineyards Association (UVA) was born with the aim of protecting the rural, historical and natural heritage represented by urban vineyards and enhancing it from a cultural and tourist point of view, making it productive for the community and for the future while respecting the environment.

Through wine, and social policies of integration and sustainability.

A Vineyard is not just a gentle hilly landscape. Vineyard can also mean city-life: the unexpected green in the concrete jungle; the colors of tradition and earth, which transforms the boundaries of the city into a new horizon.

These are urban vineyards, unique crops within a metropolitan area. An agricultural, historical and cultural heritage of enormous value, the vines grown within the cities are often real treasures of biodiversity: the most ancient varieties, in some cases very rare biotypes in the ampelographic panorama of a region, have been propagated through the ages, surviving other, more productive or profitable types.

That is why an association was born to bring the Urban Vineyards together in an international network, which can promote historical recovery projects and cultural, landscape and tourist enhancement actions.

The tradition of the earth suddenly emerging from the futurism of the city.

Grapes for the sake of grapes. And grapes for the sake of the city, in fact metropolitan vineyards also reveal to be an eco-management tool, which contributes to urban sustainability.

Do more with less. A simple but significant contribution to the city, like wine is for the table.