October 9-13, 2019, Paris

La Urban Vineyards Association festeggia la Fête des Vendanges in Paris, guest of one of its member urban vineyards, the Clos Montmartre. For over 80 years, the Montmartre Harvest Festival has been celebrating the vine and the territory of Montmartre. Already in the 12th century, the ladies of Montmartre Abbey planted the first vines and developed wine production. Before urbanization and housing flourished on the Butte, three-quarters of it was covered with vines, which disappeared completely in 1928 and then were reborn in 1933. Since 1934, every second weekend in October, Montmartre has been celebrating its winemaking tradition and welcoming the arrival of the new cuvée of its vineyard.

18 ottobre 2019, Torino

On the occasion of the event Vendemmia Torino – Grapes in Town, vengono presentate le prime iniziative della Urban Vineyards Association e i nuovi associati: un programma ricco di eventi culturali e appuntamenti sfiziosi.

April 19-22, 2020, Verona

In the international showcase of Vinitaly 2020, the Association will have the opportunity to present its project and initiatives to the professionals in the wine field.

From 2020

Organization of a Tourist Circuit of the Urban Vineyards: thanks to the collaboration with Tour Operators, the tourist press and accommodation facilities, an international route will be promoted in order to connect the Urban Vineyards in Europe, providing the information and details necessary to undertake a journey to discover these green urban treasures.

Annual wine tasting of the wines of the Urban Vineyards Association: annual meeting of all the urban vignerons. This itinerant event will be an opportunity to get in touch with an international audience, offering operators and tourists a range of services and packages including visits to wineries and urban vineyards, educational grape harvests, courses and tastings in the name of green urbanity.

Educational campaign about responsible consumption in schools: each urban vineyard of the Association will promote an educational campaign to be carried out in middle schools in its territory in order to raise awareness among young people with respect to a responsible consumption of wine.