San Francesco della Vigna is the most ancient urban vineyard in Venice. In the complex of San Francesco della Vigna there are three cloisters, two are used as a vegetable garden and a vineyard, the third is instead used to collect rainwater, necessary to irrigate the vineyards. Today the wine produced by the vineyard is called Harmonia Mundi. The proceeds from the sold bottles (about a thousand) are used to finance scholarships for the students of theInstitute of Ecumenical Studies of the Faculty of Theology located on site. The wine that will be produced starting from 2019 will be branded Santa Margherita Winery. The friars' work in the vineyard will be coordinated by the technicians from Santa Margherita, so as to be properly managed and produce an excellent harvest. Santa Margherita has also taken on the task of supervising the complete restoration of San Marco's Chapel, which is located on site. The Chapel is in fact in a state of almost abandonment and the last restoration dates back to 1885.