The Urban Vineyards Association (U.V.A.) has been established with the aim of safeguarding the rural, historical and landscape heritage of the urban vineyards as well as of promoting their cultural and touristic value, whilst at the same time making them productive for the community and for the future and respecting the environment through social and sustainable wine practices.

A vineyard may in fact be more than a gentle hillside. It can indeed be urban: the unexpected green amidst the concrete jungle, a green made of tradition and soil, turning the borders of a city into horizons within the city. Such are the urban vineyards, unique vine plantations within a metropolitan area, which represent an extremely valuable agricultural, historical and cultural heritage. The vines cultivated in the city are often very rare varieties that survived through the centuries, without being replaced by more productive or commercial vines. These small urban vineyards are truly biodiversity treasures.Thus, an association comes into existence, which gathers them into an international network, capable of fostering projects of historical recovery and cultural promotion.

The tradition of the soil within the futurism of the city. The silent beauty of urban grapes watching unwatched.

Grapes for grapes’ sake, and grapes for the city’s sake.

Urban grapes are indeed an eco-management tool, in that they contribute to urban sustainability with their prominent cultural and natural heritage. Doing more with less.

A simple yet significant contribution to the city, just like a glass of wine to the table.

Luca Balbiano

The Queen's Vineyard


Eric Sureau

Clos Montmartre


Renzo De Antonia

Vineyards in the Lagoon


Luigi Alberto Fumi Cambi Gado

Senarum Vinea Vineyards


Alessandro Cotroneo

Leonardo's Vineyard


Gérard Truchet

Clos des Canuts


Alessandro Marzotto

San Francesco della Vigna


Antonio Rallo

Vigna del Gallo


Louis Buzançais

Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône


Mariateresa Buttigliengo

Friends of the Queen's Villa Association


Fabrizio Galliati

Coldiretti Piemonte


Paolo Corbini

National Association of the Wine Cities


  • Foundation of the Urban Vineyards Association

    30 May 2019

  • Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre


    9-13 October 2019

  • Vendemmia a Torino – Grapes In Town


    12-20 October 2019

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